Alastair Crooke

Former British diplomat, founder and director of the Beirut-based Conflicts Forum.

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September 26, 2022
Unpacking the Ukraine ‘Game Change’; Is a Major Conflict Inevitable?

Any political solution – however theoretical, at this point – would involve Moscow sitting with the collective West. Kiev had become a bystander.

September 19, 2022
Goodbye Westification: The World Moves On

We’re living under the fog of a World transitioning to a radically changed way of imagining itself, amid the open sluice-gates of psyops.

September 12, 2022
Doing ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Keep Europe in ‘Intervention Lockstep’ (paraphrasing Jaroslav Zajiček, Czech Coreper Ambassador)

The EU leadership is resolved to ignore protest messaging, however loud it becomes.

September 5, 2022
Existential Disquiets: Financial War Against the West Begins to Bite

Europe sinks into being a distant backward province to a falling ‘Imperial Rome’, Alastair Crooke writes.

August 30, 2022
America’s Wars Take on a Divisive Edge

Before Putin relinquishes the pressure on EU nations, he is still likely to insist that American influence from Western Europe is withdrawn.

August 22, 2022
Descent Into Madness

Arguments no longer revolve around truth. You are either ‘with the narrative’ or ‘against it’, Alastair Crooke writes.

August 15, 2022
A Birth of Tragedy

Alastair Crooke continues to explore the origins of concealed totalitarianism within European culture.

August 8, 2022
The Masque of Pandora

What happens when people awake to the deceit of Totalitarian-Lite posing as liberty and individualism (let alone democracy)?

August 1, 2022
Our ‘Rhythmically Dancing’ Physical Real Economy

Western modernity is contingent on cheap fossil fuel. If that shrinks, our economies will shrink too – to a sub-optimal level.

July 25, 2022
llusions of Superiority. What’s Next?

It will need a long catharsis to purge Europe of its illusions of superiority – as perceived by the non-west.