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July 25, 2013
American Liberty in Need of Renovation

On U.S. Independence Day on July 4 the symbol of American democracy, the Statue of Liberty, was reopened to visitors… A holiday is always nice. But recently in America the word «liberty» has more and more often been linked with problems. Last year, as if to foretell a political storm, the «world-enlightening» statue took a beating from Hurricane Sandy. And this year the image of American democracy has taken a beating from Edward Snowden, a former employee of the National Security Agency. The young man decided to show those «who yearn to breathe free» just what «the most wonderful country in the world» really is. Snowden can hardly be called a pioneer in this area…

March 7, 2013
Black Jubilee of White America on Horizon

There is a plethora of US public organizations created to defend racial, ethnic and religious rights. Few of them think the creation of their own state on the territory of the USA is the only way to achieve justice for colored Americans like the Nation of Islam… Created in 1930 it immediately attracted the attention of American special services… Since then, the FBI included the Nation of Islam into the list of extremely dangerous groups, though, unlike the leaders of Muslim radicals, its leaders never called for toppling the US government, terror actions, and not even street protests. Moreover, the members are forbidden to take arms… So, the US government opposes the Nation of Islam just because its members are Muslims and openly express their discontent with the authorities from point of view of their vision of social justice… Probably the Nation of Islam has made the US establishment remember what Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Council on Foreign Relations in Canada and again at Yaroslavl forum in Russia – the USA is facing a social storm threatening to become a social tornado razing it all to the ground…

May 18, 2012
The U.S. Patriots Against the Empire (II)

There is a great deal of truth in the proverb saying “As you sow so you shall reap”. At the moment, we witness the U.S. fall victim to this inescapable law, which, in the realm of history, typically materializes within the cycle of 70 years. In a remotely congenial example, Russia’s Bolsheviks degenerated over the seven decades of their undivided rule into a corrupt elite which ultimately betrayed the Soviet Union in the late 1980ies. The present-day America's patriots, a group planted by the U.S. Administration as a grassroots anticommunist movement, in the long run has morphed into a threat to the elite which authored the project…

May 17, 2012
US Patriots Against the Empire (I)

…The report contains an important admission that Washington's tactic of propping up overseas opposition groups, inciting unrest, and organizing revolts in other countries is beginning to backfire. The approach is being adopted by the US right who increasingly rely on social media to enlist supporters and deliberately maintain an evasive and loosely structured opposition movement. 

November 11, 2011
Sexual Activity as a Mega-Weapon for the Middle East

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that, while social media like Facebook and Twitter can be instrumental in bringing crowds of discontent to the streets, the protesters will in all cases be led by those who have built a real rather than virtual organization geared towards inducing a regime change… I suspect a hidden agenda behind Washington's Middle Eastern digital diplomacy. This hidden agenda might be linked to the seemingly apolitical theme of demography, which does have a political dimension in a special case, namely, that of Israel…

June 6, 2011
Obama’s Peace Plans and the Megiddo Valley

From the outset, Obama’s approach to international politics used to be marked with ambiguity and dualism… When the news about the killing of Bin Laden were fed to the media way ahead of the summer-fall, 2012 hot phase of the race for presidency in the US, some of the analysts concluded that Obama and his inner circle were not confident of the incumbent’s chances to even secure his own party’s nomination as a presidential candidate, least of the eventual success of his re-election bid…