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July 2, 2016
Russia-China: The Rapprochement Continues

According to the Chinese press, Vladimir Putin’s visit to the People’s Republic of China was «short but productive». The leaders of the two countries focussed on trade and economic relations, but it stands to reason that any summit meetings between Russia and China always have a geopolitical significance as well…

November 11, 2015
Singapore Meeting:Ultra-C Element Excellently Performed by China

This autumn stands out as an eventful season densely packed with diplomatic initiatives launched by top Chinese leadership. Thoroughly planned Victory Day parade ceremonies on September 3, well thought out answers in the interview of China’s President to US media in connection with his first official visit to the United States, quiet dignity displayed by Xi Jinping as the royal honors were accorded to him in London – it all gave rise to many emotional comments. These events were followed by the visit of German Chancellor to Beijing. All the events were one way or another planned in advance. No doubt, they have produced tangible results worth of the most detailed analysis.

December 13, 2014
China: Forward Edge of Green Modernization

The battle for eco-friendly China will be in focus of the fifth generation of Chinese leaders… While green modernization takes place inside China the government launches a vibrant diplomatic offensive aimed at efficient resolution of global problems related to climate change. This policy has broad support in Europe… The US Republicans begin to get exasperated by China’s successes. It’s not only the desire to attack Democrats on a major issue. The shale revolution that boosts the US economy is too unstable because of ecological problems, something they don’t like to talk about in America. Are they afraid of Greenpeace?

November 19, 2014
APEC Summit Over: Hobbled Hegemon and Assertive Leader

The dialogue between the US and Chinese leaders was a major event at the recent APEC summit that wound up last week. Before that the US President visited China in 2009. A lot of things related to the bilateral relationship have changed since then – with its global clout grown, China has become increasingly confident and assertive.  The title of the article A Beleaguered Barack Obama Goes to Meet a Confident Xi Jinping at APEC published by US weekly Times mirrors the things almost precisely as they are…

October 14, 2014
Hong Kong: Fathers and Children

The Hong Kong (Xiānggǎng) unrest spilled over to the central streets of the city on September 28-29 to immediately hit Western media radar screen. The movement was dubbed «the umbrella revolution» in turgid political style… The painted image of fighters for democracy against the totalitarian regime in Beijing (the event was compared to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989) stood out for theatrical effectiveness… Beijing made it clear it won’t stand for interference into its internal affairs, including the support for anti-nationalist sentiments and organizers of protests. In the period of late September – early October Hong Kong became a testing ground for committing the nefarious deed of mixing notions: pro-American is painted as democratic while whatever is democratic is painted as anti-Chinese.

May 25, 2014
The Crimean Frontier in World Development (II)

…The caricature-like nature of the «national revolution» which was victorious in Kiev and the crudeness of the work of its outside financers and directors are as unprecedented as they are provocative. The audacity of the «democratizers» cannot but bring about major consequences… A new period in history, opened by the reunification of Crimea and Russia, demands non-standard political solutions from the leaders of the world's leading countries. And in and of itself, this is an obvious reaction to the long, unceremonious and merciless offensive of Western neoliberalism… Russia's Crimean manifesto may signify the beginning of a turbulent era in which world views and strategies can be overturned, political discourses and forms of government can change, and new ideologies and international borders can appear…

May 24, 2014
Russia-China Shanghai Summit: Undeniable Success

The visit of President Putin to China is over. No doubt is has become an event of historic importance. The Russian and Chinese leaders should know each other better – they have a long way to go strengthening bilateral cooperation. The level of mutual understanding is unprecedented. The prospects for Eurasia are breathtaking being boosted by comprehensive cooperation between Russia and China…

May 22, 2014
The Crimean Frontier in World Development (I)

The reunification of Crimea and Russia was an event whose international scale, as is now clear, exceeds not only the scale of Russian-Ukrainian relations, but also the European format of world politics and even the larger «West – Russia» format. It is no exaggeration to say that this event marked an upheaval on a global level… Many point to the turning back of Yevgeny Primakov's airplane over the Atlantic in 1999 as one of the first signs of the emergence of the polycentric world. The fifteen years which have passed since then have confirmed both the correctness of the change in course and the accuracy of Russia's staking on China and India as new partners. In this sense the Crimean saga of 2014 was the historically predictable response to the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999…

May 19, 2014
Russia, China: Predictable Relationship

Russian President Putin is going to China. The news is like a gulp of fresh air in the suffocating atmosphere of Kiev with its burnt tires and repressions against dissidents. The tour is a positive step forward with bright prospects for future built on solid basis. This is a turning point in history. Russia is being dragged by the West into another cold war and is subject to unprecedented pressure with clear intentions to subvert it. It’s not just a collision of interests – the system of values is undermined, the very right of people and states for self-determination is scorned…

February 13, 2014
Elegant support

Russia and China’s pairs skating on the ice rink of world politics continues. In Sochi, we have observed with pleasure yet one more element in the routine of this increasingly harmonious duet… Vladimir Putin has shown his appreciation for the help that the President of the People’s Republic of China has given both to Russia and to Putin personally. At the start of the conversation, he remarked that the Chinese rarely travel anywhere over the Chinese New Year public holiday, which was celebrated by the Far East on 31 January, unless it is to friends or relatives. «We will regard your visit to Sochi as a visit to a good friend». I do not know whether those who watched the Olympics’ opening ceremony noticed, but the Chinese team was one of the few whose athletes were waving Russian flags as well as Chinese ones. Was this just a gesture of friendly solidarity?..