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March 13, 2014
‘Pravy Sektor’ and ‘White Al-Qaeda’ – two sides of the same coin

The situation in Ukraine is not changing by the day, but by the hour. The junta that has come to power as a result of the coup d’état organised from the outside is made up of fragmented, loosely-connected parts. Tymoshenko and Turchynov are fading into the background, not to mention Klitschko, while neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh, head of the international terrorist group Pravy Sektor («Right Sector»), and his right-hand man Andriy Paruby, who were included in the coup as part of the ‘temporary government’, are moving forward to take leading roles. It has been reported that some of the Pravy Sektor militants received military training in Lebanon and Syria…

August 18, 2013
Greece: A Social Explosion Is Inevitable

…Greece, with its enormous external state debt, is being driven between Scylla and Charybdis: on the one hand, the European Union is threatening Athens with harsh measures if the plan for privatizing large objects of Greek property breaks down; on the other hand, it is hindering privatization deals with the «wrong» partners, first and foremost with Russia, sabotaging possibilities for the recovery of the Greek economy…

August 10, 2013
The European Union and Greece: the Murder of a Nation

Once the level of Greece’s external debt and the impoverishment of a significantproportion of the population had gone off the scale, the global corporatocracy began buying up Greek territory and Greek shares.Greece was destined to become the testing ground for how to lead a country to complete catastrophe. Structural reforms implemented by the Greek government under pressure from the “Troika” (the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank) acquired an openly coercive nature, while measures to reduce the budget virtually destroyed any prospects for economic growth in the country…

July 23, 2013
How the EU and NATO Complement One Another

…At the same time as the conclusion of negotiations between Belgrade and Priština, as a result of which the institutions and state property of the Republic of Serbia on the territory of Kosovo are being transferred to the regime of Hashim Thaçi, not long ago the new U.S. embassy complex (which cost 140 million dollars to build) was opened in the most prestigious area of Belgrade, Dedinje. Behind the unusual facade of the new 14,000 sq. m. complex lies one of the largest citadels of American intelligence in the Balkans…

May 22, 2013
US Boosts Military Presence in Balkans

The Serbs living in the north of Kosovo flatly refuse to abide by the agreement reached in Brussels, which makes them deprived of the Serbia’s citizenship in favor of becoming Kosovars, or the citizens of Kosovo. Soon they will face a military force called in to guarantee the fulfillment of Brussels accords. By the end of May – beginning of June the formations of 525th US Army Battlefield Surveillance Brigade come to take part in the three-week-long exercises in Hohenfels, Germany. The brigade is using the training event to complete the final preparations before taking over Multinational Battle Group-East as a part of Kosovo Forces… The brigade's headquarters and 1st Squadron, 38 Cavalry Regiment, which originally was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan, will make up the first active-duty unit deployed to Kosovo in 10 years…

January 29, 2013
Serbia: NATO’s Uranium Embrace

As is known, the warheads of munitions used by NATO for bombing Yugoslavia in 1999 contained depleted uranium… Totally NATO used 15 tons of depleted uranium to strike targets in Yugoslavia. It was all converted into radioactive dust picked up by the wind and spread around the Balkans contaminating soil, air, plants and animals. The dust is to last forever, the radioactivity will reach its highest level after 100 years…

August 31, 2012
The Independent Kosovo: Gangland Spills Savagery Worldwide (II)

The Euro-Atlantic blueprint for the future of South East Europe gives a big role to the criminal enclave called the Republic of Kosovo. It is to become a base of world-level organized crime, and that is already happening. Drug supply to Europe, illicit organs extraction and trafficking, campaigns of terror against the resident populations and ethnic cleansing are hallmarks of the Kosovo independence which sends criminal metastases all over Europe while it stays under a delusion that its civilization standards are intact…

August 16, 2012
The Independent Kosovo: Gangland Spills Savagery Worldwide (I)

The Western power centers use the «Republic of Kosovo» as a testing ground for working out the ways to create a quasi-state that could be defined as an «abnormal criminal case of global scope»… The Kosovo criminal organizations are far from being a shadow govenment, quite to the contrary the dysfunction of the «Republic of Kosovo» state structures makes them the only real ruling power… The Albanian mafia is the fifth organized structure in the world that distinguishes itself by «immense potential of growth»… The family connections let the Albanian mafia create an unbreakable criminal chain: the clans members have their daughters married to the «comrade in arms» from Afghanistan and Turkey. They create a producer-consumer chain…

June 4, 2012
Strategic Leap Forward or Ordinary Pretense?

Political tensions in Serbia show no signs of subsiding now that the electoral race is over and T. Nikolic's presidency is an accomplished fact. The country has reached a bifurcation point and is currently presented with a unique opportunity to switch to a new model of development, but the recently elected Serbian leader must pick up an unprecedented challenge to enable the change…

April 10, 2012
Montenegro at NATO’s Doorstep: Engagement Costs Steadily Rising

Upon scrutiny, the NATO membership opens access to privileges of dubious value. Novices get to kill others and to die fighting for the alliance's objectives, to help overturn other nations' sovereignty, to train groups of militant renegades in other countries, to host NATO bases, and to shield the Afghanistan – Kosovo –  Europe and Afghanistan –  Central Asia – Russia drug trafficking routes…