Elias Samo

PhD, Professor of International Relations at American and Syrian universities

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November 29, 2019
Western Christianity Aid to Eastern Christianity: Too Little Too Late

Every targeted shooting of Christians in Syria perpetuates the vicious cycle of erosion of the Eastern Christian culture. Unless the world acts immediately, the followers of Jesus Christ move further down the path of becoming a memory.

November 1, 2019
The Syrian Constitution Committee Is Formed: The Easy Part

The ultimate question and determining factor is: will the influentials see to it that a new constitution is drafted and the peace process moves on to the next step?

October 6, 2019
Syria Between the Ottoman Hammer and the Israeli Anvil

The ultimate irony is that Syria, the eternal, the cradle of civilization and the home of the three monotheistic religions, has become a prey to the Ottoman and Israeli empires.

September 6, 2019
The Political Component of Trump’s ‘Deal’: Super Absurd

While the economic component had something meager to offer the Palestinians – a few loaves of bread – does the political component have anything to offer the Palestinians?

August 4, 2019
Has Washington Joined the List of Israeli Occupied Territories?

Syria, Israel’s archenemy, would be surrounded on its northern and southern borders by two hostile and powerful enemies occupying Syrian land and would consider further occupation, violating Syrian territorial integrity and permanently threatening Syrian national security. However, take heed, Syria is not a pushover, nor is it alone.

July 6, 2019
The Only Strategic Rationale for America’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed

What do American congressmen know about Syria to qualify them to determine American strategic interests in the country? It is very unlikely for American congressmen to know much about Syria; they are dictated the Israeli narrative and that is all they need to know.

June 18, 2019
The Arab Emergency Summit in Mecca: Provocative and Invective

On the face of it, the summit was an official Arab emergency summit, but in reality, it was a Saudi Arabian summit and the agenda was a Saudi Arabian agenda: Iran, which was practically the exclusive item on the agenda and in the final communique

June 3, 2019
The Trump ‘Deal’: An Ultimatum and a Setup

The deal doesn’t offer the Palestinians many concessions. Their basic and minimum demands for a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian problem are not met. It is an ultimatum to surrender and accept whatever Netanyahu dictates.

May 5, 2019
The ‘Deal of the Century’: Two Con Men’s Job

Yes, you can ‘judge a book by its cover’, especially if the ‘book’ is the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the ‘cover’ lauds two con men, Trump and Netanyahu. Furthermore, when two con men are involved, ‘Deal of the Century’ […]

March 31, 2019
The Golan: A Disastrous Trump Declaration

Netanyahu and Trump have now formally set a dangerous global precedent, which de facto renders any global order, including International Law and the United Nations, irrelevant.