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April 15, 2014
Ukraine Becoming Source of WMD Proliferation

As media reported on April 5, Turkey is allegedly in talks with Yuzhmash Mechanical Plant to buy the production documentation for the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) R-36M2 «Voevoda» (NATO classification – SS-N-18 «Satan»)… The situation in Ukraine and the related threat of uncontrolled proliferation of missile technology becomes a universal problem. The Kiev-based regime is ready to sell the weapons and delivery means to anyone.  The draft law N 0076 denouncing the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of July 1, 1968 was submitted to the Ukrainian parliament on March 20. The goal to make Ukraine a nuclear state is stated in the program of neo-Nazi Svoboda Party, which has representation within the ranks of the Kiev-based ruling group…

April 9, 2014
Way to Deprive Ukraine of Nuclear Power

…Westinghouse Electric Co. of Pennsylvania said on April 3 it is in negotiations to extend its contract with Ukraine energy operator Energoatom to supply nuclear fuel for three reactors. The US interest is justified; Ukraine's power sector is the tenth largest in the world and the fifth largest in Europe in terms of nuclear reactors on its soil. The country boasts 15 nuclear power generating units at four nuclear power plants… All reactors are Russia-produced VVER type… According to former member of Ukrainian parliament Vadim Kolesnichenko, the goal of US expansion into the Ukrainian nuclear market is the elimination of Ukrainian nuclear energy infrastructure. When it becomes a thing of the past, Ukraine will have to buy energy in Europe at quite different prices… The regime in Kiev is ready to pay this price in order to convert the country into a bridgehead against Russia.