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November 25, 2014
Ukraine and US Parallel Power

Barack Obama has so far failed to declare an «all-out war» that Poroshenko wants so much, but part of Washington’s establishment has started to create a mechanism of «parallel power» led by ambitious Joe Biden and his team. Anthony Blinken has the reputation of someone close to Biden. The same way one can call him a member of the Clintons’ retinue. The official likes to state the fact that he comes from a Jewish family of immigrants who have escaped from Communist regime. He is known as a staunch supporter of Israel. It brings him close to the political circles centered on the Nuland-Kagan families…

March 17, 2014
American Anti-Maidan

The Answer Coaltion held a meeting in front of the White House under the slogan «No Funding for Neo-Nazis in Ukraine!» (1) on March 12, just prior to the meeting between President Obama and Ukraine's new Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The organization has launched a new campaign to flood Congress and the White House with thousands of emails demanding that not one cent of taxpayers’ money be spent for the new Ukrainian government where neo-Nazis and semi-fascists hold many of the most powerful Cabinet positions including the Ukraine’s military. The organization’s website makes public concrete data on the new Ukraine’s regime personalities and offers strong judgments on antinational and fascist in nature putsch staged in Kiev…

March 1, 2014
Coup and Anti-Coup. Gene Sharp Amended

According to Gene Sharp, «A coup d'état is a rapid seizure of physical and political control of the state apparatus by illegal action of a conspiratorial group backed by the threat or use of violence. The members of the previous government are deposed against their will. Initially the coup group rapidly occupies the centers of command, decision-making, and administration, replacing the previous chief executive and top officials with persons (military or civilian) of their choices». That is exactly what is happening in Ukraine. The steps taken by incumbent Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which are supported by Pravy Sector, a new version of «White Al Qaeda», perfectly fit the scenario described by Gene Sharp… Closing the Gene Sharp’s book I start to think about how life makes amendments to what the classic has written in his works. These days the parliament of Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea has found a way out of the crisis spread across the nation. A referendum on «improving the status of autonomy and expanding its powers» slated for May 25, 2014 is the step in this direction…

February 15, 2014
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Harangues of Ignorant Buffoon

Zealous French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levi visited the maidan in Kiev on February 9 to deliver another fiery harangue. The next day the article Bernard-Henri Levi: We’re all Ukrainians (Bernard-Henri Lévy: «Nous sommes tous des Ukrainiens») saw light published by Parisian Le Monde. In his fervor Ukrainian Levi he called Yulia Timoshenko the Dame of Kiev (meaning Yulia Timoshenko who is behind bars at present). I can hardly imagine what Oleh Tyahnybok, another passionate maidan supporter, or Victor Yanukovych thought having heard these bold words spoken by someone born to an Algerian Jewish family. But I’m glad to see one more proof of the fact that the French are reasonable people. The article of «new Ukrainian» was followed by many virulent comments like «We’ve been Libyans, now we are Ukrainians. Could we just be French, is it so hard?»

February 8, 2014
West and Ukraine: Looking at Possible Scenarios

The Ukraine 2020 report was published in 2010 by the Center for Global Affairs. The paper presents possible options for Ukraine’s political development. Professor Michael Oppenheimer, Center for Global Affairs, New York University, was the founder of the project. The events in Ukraine appear to unfold at present according to the «three scenarios» described in the paper… Almost all known experts on Ukraine from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Poland and other states took part in the project… but there was no representation on the part of Russia. It’ll be no surprise if one day the files found in the Ukraine’s Batkivshchyna Party office during a search will happen to be excerpts from this American what-to-do instruction book. A few years ago the authors of the paper managed to foresee the Svoboda Party leading the «people’s protests», the resignation of Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov and Arseniy Yatsenyuk coming to the fore…

September 3, 2013
«Utter Nonsense»

…Moscow is not the only one who considers the attempts to put the blame on Bashar Assad, accused of using chemical weapons against his own troops and population, as «utter nonsense». Manlio Dinucci, a well-known Italian reporter, wrote right after the August 21 events that it was absurd to accuse Assad of using chemical weapons at the time UN inspectors were in the country upon his invitation. It’s like a murderer calling police to his house at the time he kills a household member. The Italian analyst has no doubts the August chemical weapons provocation in Syria was a false flag operation, which is routine for Western special services…

August 9, 2013
Glenn Greenwald Promises New Disclosures

 The scandal begun by the revelations of Edward Snowden is apparently still far from over. On August 6, The Guardian correspondent Glenn Greenwald reported that he has possession of another 15,000-20,000 documents which he received from Snowden in Hong Kong and which could tell a lot about "the espionage activities of the US government and allied governments" .

May 28, 2013
After Boston, or Experimental Volleys of Geopolitical Shrapnel (II)

I was in Boston on September 11, 2001 as well as on April 15 this year when explosive devices went off at the marathon.  As I was there to see the things with my own eyes, I can say for sure that my first impressions were right – by no means the Americans were fast enough  to draw any lessons from the 9/11 tragedy.   You should know the place you live in. On the one hand, Boston is famous for its unique academic environment and it is populated by educated, nice people, who firmly believe in democratic traditions of their country, have respect for law enforcement agencies and expect them to provide protection. On the other hand, the city is a laboratory for working on the most ominous programs designed to exercise control over the population of the planet…

May 26, 2013
After Boston, or Experimental Volleys of Geopolitical Shrapnel (I)

Hardly anybody in their right mind could have imagined that the tragic events at the Boston Marathon would be used so clumsily by American politicians to put pressure on Russia. Nevertheless, it is an obvious fact and the hearings in the US congress in April and May are evidence of this. The subject of the first of these hearings, which the US Congress Committee on International Affairs announced was linked to the bombings in Boston, sounded extremely provocative: «Islamic terrorism in Chechnya: the threat to America’s national security»…

December 14, 2011
Coup d’etat in Disguise: Washington’s “Democratization” Template

Well known British researcher Jonathan Mowat gave the Americans their due in the headlines of his work “Coup d’etat in Disguise: Washington’s “Democratization” Template”. A provocation is to take place by the time of elections in presence of “foreign observers” and “exit polls”. Angry young people are there equipped with up to date communication devices, blogs and websites provide real time connections to make precise the way operational activities are conducted. The “swarm” may be regrouped any time and global media makes possible the internationalization of any event, no matter how insignificant it may be. The Washington’s pattern is a planned and financed from outside attack against the institutes of another state…