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December 25, 2014
Is Oil Price Weapon Really Effective against Russia?

The US is engaged in rather dubious activities as it attempts to damage the Russia’s economy by making fall down the world oil prices… Concentrated on hurting Russia Americans fail to see what’s happening in their own backyard… There is ground to believe that while openly supporting the United States Saudi Arabia plays its own game aimed at squeezing the competitors away, including America, from the market. Some time ago Riyadh used to say that OPEC members will not cut production even if the price plunges to $40 dollars a barrel. With oil prices plummeting traditional oil producers have enough reserves to make it through a period of frugality while the US shale industry will be delivered a deadly blow to make it never bounce back. The negative economic trends are already visible in the US while Russia has not even started to take counter measures as the economic war unleashed against it is raging on…

November 4, 2014
Ukraine’s Debt Burden as Europe’s Next Big Headache

On October 30 Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission signed a deal that will see Moscow resume vital supplies of gas to its ex-Soviet neighbor over the winter, as well as the transit to Europe… Will Ukraine carry out its commitments this time? Neither Moscow, nor Brussels could be sure of that. The document is signed by the Ukraine’s government which is to resign soon. Arseniy Yatsenyuk has chances to continue holding the position of Prime Minister. Not once he was responsible for Ukraine derailing the tripartite talks constantly changing its stance and putting forward unacceptable conditions…

October 31, 2014
Heroizing UPA: Polish Government against Its Own People

On October 14, Petro Poroshenko signed a decree proclaiming October 14 to be the day of celebrating Day of Defender of Ukraine instead of the post-Soviet analogous holiday celebrated on February 23. This day the Ukrainian neo-Nazi traditionally march with torches to mark the anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The decision sparked a wave of indignation in Poland. Protests hit the streets, the demonstrators picketed the Ukraine’s diplomatic offices demanding to stop heroization of OUN-UPA that is responsible for killing thousands of Poles during WWII. Protesters marched in Przemyśl, Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw under the slogan «Lasting Shame to OUN – UPA Murderers from SS Division Galicia»…

October 17, 2014
Events in Hong Kong and US Fight for Dollar

An attempt to launch a classic «orange coup» in Hong Kong has become unexpected for many. Washington is simultaneously involved in the war in Ukraine, «sanctions» stand-off with Moscow and combat actions against the Islamic State. Looks like the time is wrong for exacerbating tensions with China. But that’s what the United States did… Washington is not hiding its intent to undermine the stability in China. Like if repeating the very same stuff he said about Ukraine, John Kerry called on Beijing to display restraint towards the protesters and let them peacefully express their opinion. Once again blocking administrative buildings is called peaceful actions while the activities of the government aimed at establishing law and order are called violence…

October 6, 2014
Transatlantic Solidarity: Connivance at Blackmail. Differences between Russia and EU

On October 1, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Its content showed once more that Brussels still continues to use the language of ultimatums while talking to Russia. The European Union inflicts damage on itself by refusing to see that Ukraine constantly violates its commitments… Balanced Russia-Europe agreements could be a way out of the deadlock. They should address monitoring Ukrainian gas transit, cooperation in development of pipeline network, coordination and mutual understanding on the implementation of the association agreement with Ukraine. Is Europe ready for that? Or the «transatlantic solidarity» would prevail entailing another round of confrontation on the European continent?

September 15, 2014
Europe Ready to Suffer from Cold to Please US

The Ukraine-Russia gas conflicts have a history. Usually the differences have been narrowed down or resolved before the threat of collapse in Europe became imminent. Now there is a big chance Europe will be left without heating in the coming winter

September 8, 2014
Ukraine: Truce Reached, What Next?

The armistice reached by contact group on September 5 in Minsk was the first peace initiative reached in Ukraine to be accepted by all parties. It’s a very positive move but there is a slim chance the ceasefire would endure… The ceasefire was breached in Gorlovka, Makeevka and street fighting took place in Dzerzhinsk. As of midnight, Sept. 6, the Ukrainian government forces opened fire at Makeevka with dense smoke seen coming from mine N88. According to witnesses’ reports, artillery fire was heard in the Petropavlovsk district of Donetsk. The ability of Poroshenko to control «private armies» is questioned… The people of Ukraine are subject to militaristic propaganda and calls for bloodshed are heard here and there. Anti-European rhetoric is also getting stronger along with the calls for making short work of «Kremlin’s agents» and «traitors». On September 5 protesters in Kiev demanded to stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe…

July 8, 2014
Europe Cheated to be Used by War Mongers

All the attempts at peace settlement in Ukraine have a common feature. The ink does not even get dry as the Kiev regime rushes to escalate the conflict. That’s how it was on February 21. As soon as the document on conflict management was signed added by the guarantees of European diplomats, the Neo-Nazi militants staged a coup. The scenario was repeated on April 17 when the Ukrainian government said freeing buildings and disarmament of militants had no relation to the provisions of the agreement. It also abruptly intensified the combat actions in Donbass. The same fate was in store for the Vladimir Putin – Didier Burkhalter plan as well as other peaceful initiatives…

June 30, 2014
US Aggression in Ukraine and the Eurasian Union

America’s colonial takeover of Ukraine and Europe’s siding with them was a serious factor in the stepping-up of integration processes on the Eurasian continent. In particular, the real breakthrough came with the formation of a strategic partnership between Russia and China. In addition to the 51 major agreements that were reached following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China on 20-21 May 2014, a joint statement was also adopted establishing a new stage of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation. Echoes of the Ukrainian crisis are reflected in a number of the document’s provisions…

June 27, 2014
Kiev Is Starting a War to Avoid a Revolution

Despite its peaceful declarations, Kiev is gradually transitioning from massacring civilians and bombing Donbas cities to direct provocations on the Russian border and attacks on diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation. In international practice, such actions are an incitement to war. But Kiev does not have the slightest chance of winning a military conflict with Russia. What is prompting Poroshenko to embark on this scheme? While the Kiev junta is waging war against its own people in the Southeast, throughout the country protests are growing due to a catastrophic drop in the standard of living of the populace…