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January 12, 2023
Long Guns Primed at a Simple Wine Label Written in Serbian Cyrillic

This is a sorrowful story of a Serbian man whose 42 tonnes of wine were brutally seized Wild West cowboy style from him by Albanians from Serbian Kosovo and Metohija in December 2022.

December 29, 2022
1244, Dayton, Brussels, Washington, Non-Papers of All Sorts

The Serbs may have been too naive and gullible to place trust in the agreements signed so far on this issue and performing on each clause therein in the same manner the Russians have placed a most naïve trust in the Minsk Agreements.

December 24, 2022
A New Brutal Purge Upon the Serbs in the Making, Orchestrated by NATOstan

The goal of the Kosovo Albanians’ hidden agenda is even more blatant now in broad political daylight in the midst of the Ukraine crisis, Тatiana Obrenovic writes.

December 18, 2022
In (Serbian) Vino Veritas in Serbian Kosovo and Metohija

If we look at the political turmoil in the Balkans and Serbia and its heartland of Kosovo, some rather gruelling scenes reach us yet again from there.