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Tom Luongo is an independent political and economic analyst based in North Florida, USA

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December 25, 2020
Welcome to RussiaGate 2.0, Right on Schedule

The Deep State is preparing the ground for the next phase of the greatest intelligence show on earth, Tom Luongo writes.

December 5, 2020
From a Hamilton Moment to Perpetual Debt Slaves: This Is the True Face of the EU

The next choice on the European continent is a false one – a USSR reborn with a German and French flavor or perpetual debt slavery.

October 24, 2020
The More the EU Tightens Its Grip, the More Countries Slip Through Its Fingers

Now that the best of all possible Brexits is near, the rest of Europe is going to get an object lesson in just how much it costs to keep them around.

September 23, 2020
With Ginsburg’s Death Cue the Last Stand of American Marxists

With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the day has come for the existent power structure where they have to reveal the final truth of their naked need to maintain their power.

September 4, 2020
A False Flag Is Biden’s Only Chance to Win

The events of 2020 are lining up for a climax to this story that ends with a contested election which fuels a coup attempt, Tom Luongo writes.

August 26, 2020
Trump and Pompeo Craft No-Win Solutions for the World

The chaos Trump has unleashed in his quest to remake European and U.S. relations is something his State Dept. under Pompeo can’t control

August 14, 2020
With Harris Pick, Dems Cede Election to Trump

Harris ran one of the worst primary campaigns in recent memory, trying desperately to be the ‘black’ Hillary Clinton. She crashed out spectacularly.

August 6, 2020
The DNC Convention Is the Election

It’s not that Biden hasn’t been a good soldier for the empire, he has. It is that he is unpresentable as a candidate in public.

July 25, 2020
Europe Gets its Fiscal Integration Package

The European Union, in its current form, cannot survive. It needs a currency, the euro, properly structured if it is to survive and the EU to continue

July 5, 2020
Russia’s Political Stability Ensured While the West Sinks

Despite what American and European commentators may think, there really is a deep desire among people to vote for their own sovereignty.