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November 3, 2015
Poland is Split over Refugees

Differing attitudes toward refugees have divided Polish society. On one hand, some Polish politicians and media are advocating for the unconditional acceptance of migrants. Demonstrations are held, with banners reading, «Refugees welcome» and «The question is not whether or not to help, but how». But on the other hand, a survey conducted by the Polish Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) back in July showed that 86% of Poles disapprove of the increased migrant quota established for their country by Brussels…

October 24, 2015
NATO and Militarization of Poland

Since the start of Russia’s military operation in Syria, there have been numerous reports regarding an upsurge in NATO activity in Poland: Poland has started training Ukrainian military instructors as part of NATO’s Defence Education Enhancement Program, Poland and Georgia have signed an agreement on the exchange of classified information, the Polish Army is carrying out large-scale military exercises known as Dragon-15 on its border with Russia and so on…

August 15, 2015
Poles Oppose Flood of Ukrainians into their Country

The German media is reporting that Poles are outraged at the «arrogance» of the Ukrainians who continue to flood into their country, viewing Poland as the «reachable West». The Pole’s dissatisfaction is being extended to their government, «which is supporting total outsiders at the expense of Polish taxpayers…»

July 1, 2015
Poland Wants to Shape Different Format of Relationship with Russia

Ukrainian ambassador to Poland and the former Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrei Deshitsa, said the Minsk agreements have failed to live up to expectations and will be abandoned soon. The West will need a new format of relations with Russia…

June 1, 2015
Wola Massacre and Polish Authorities: Another Case of Political Amnesia

Poland is suffering political amnesia. The condition gets acute any time one mentions the mass crimes committed against Polish nationals. There is a plethora of examples to prove the case. The Volyn massacre is the most illustrative one. Ukrainian nationalists brutally tortured and killed dozens of thousands of old men, women and children. For all that, the Polish government supports the successors of Stepan Bandera who have seized power in Ukraine…

May 18, 2015
Poland: Presidential Election Goes to Second Round. Why Pawel Kukiz Angers Adam Michnik?

A second round of Polish presidential election is scheduled on May 24… One of the key stories from the first round vote was the success of Paweł Kukiz, 52, a former rock singer and political novice, who finished a surprising third with more than 20, 8%. Looks like his electorate will decide who wins the run-off election… Some things Pawel Kukiz says sound appealing to people. For instance, his opposition to «the plans to make Poland an exporter of cheap labor and the right place for giving a boost to agritourism». He calls himself an «anti-system candidate» ready to team up with anyone willing to «rip up the political system» that he calls a criminal one…

April 23, 2015
FBI Director, Polish Collaborationists and Pogroms in Jedwabna

The U.S. ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull has apologized for remarks made by FBI Director James Comey, who penned a Washington Post op-ed made public on April 16 in which he accused Poland of being a collaborator in the Holocaust… James Comey is a professional, he knows what he is talking about. He did not adduce facts to confirm the affirmation that Germany was not the only country where «the murderers and accomplices» conducted their activities during WWII. He could have easily done it if he wished…

February 25, 2015
CIA Torture Prisons in Poland

The European Court of Human Rights confirmed on February 17 that the Polish government was complicit in the CIA’s secretive programme of rendition, detention and interrogation. The Court in Strasbourg rejected a challenge from the Polish government to a landmark ruling from last July, the decision which now makes that original judgement final… Poland is the first EU member to be found guilty of complicity in the CIA’s secret detention programme and responsible for multiple violations of the detainees’ rights…

February 19, 2015
Lithuanian Regime and Technology of Political Duplicity

To what extent does the Lithuanian political regime match the standards of civilized Europe? It’s hard to give an unambiguous answer. That’s what comes to mind on February 16 – the Lithuania’s Independence Day marked by marches of Neo-Nazis in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city. On October 28, 1941 German and Lithuanian fascists joined together to eliminate the local ghetto executing 10 thousand Jews in one day… 

September 25, 2014
Scotland Kicks off Process of Europe’s Fragmentation

The Scottish referendum results show that something is rotten in the state of the United Kingdom. The event has given an impetus to the separatist aspirations in Ulster, Wales and the Island of Maine and even in the tin-rich Cornwall County believed to be the homeland of legendary king Arthur. The idea of getting more preferences from London without offering anything in return has become popular. The referendum has changed Scotland. The turnout was great with people of all walks of life and ages going to polls… In Europe separatists are gaining strength in Catalonia, Flandria (Belgium), Corsica (France), Northern Italy and Bavaria (Germany). They construe the referendum results as a victory of independent Scotland because it has asserted its right to self-determination…