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August 31, 2014
Lessons of Ferguson

US neocons organize color revolution throughout the whole world and make the whole regions plunge into chaos while their own country is nearing social collapse caused by unresolved contradictions like the difference between the rich and the poor, for instance. Somehow the national minorities always prevail filling the ranks of those who are needy. Formally they have rights but the system makes them remain poor and destitute of opportunity to really become full-fledged actors taking part in the country’s social life… According to the results of investigation, a lot of African Americans feel hassled all the time, because there's pressure on the cops to make enough stops to meet budgetary needs, and there's a cross-racial disconnect and misunderstanding between the police and public. The municipality badly needs funds for education, paying wages, so it makes make policemen abuse power to gather more fines on the roads. No doubt it’s easier to rob blacks to avoid going to court or fall out of favor with the people who have pull… The time is ripe for Americans to leave other peoples in peace and concentrate on finding solution to domestic problems until it’s too late. 

July 11, 2014
Old Europe Going Decay

…The Ukrainian market got narrowed down for Europeans. The trend is to continue. Now what does the European Union get having signed the association agreement? The answer is hanging in the air.  This is kind of corrosion of European mentality. What’s good for the United States and Great Britain does not necessarily meet the interests of other EU members. Can they not understand it? Is it senility? I have pity for the old Granma Europe. Whatever it is, there is still a chance.  The undermining by Washington of peaceful efforts exerted by France and Germany in Ukraine, the spying rows when the US special services tapped the phones and e-mails of top European Union officials and leaders of European states, the recent revelation of US spying activities in Germany – all told, these factors raise great doubts the about the faithfulness of Anglo-Saxons to the idea of «Atlantic partnership»…

May 1, 2014
On the Contradictions between Washington and Berlin on Ukraine

…Overall, Germany is currently taking a more level-headed position than the United States on the issue of settling the conflict between the Kiev regime and the broad grassroots movement in the eastern regions of Ukraine which is demanding a referendum on the federalization of the state structure. Nevertheless, Berlin is forced to follow in the wake of U.S. policy in matters concerning the sanctions against Russia, which are detrimental to the German economy; the increase of American military presence in Europe; and the movement of NATO troops to the east. In its relations with the United States, Germany has never gotten over the syndrome of the nation that lost the war… 

April 21, 2014
Who Hampers Peaceful Management of Ukraine’s Crisis?

…Maidan has made Ukraine plunge into chaos. Only a comprehensive dialogue can lead the country out of the crisis. The people of the south-eastern part of the country should have their representation – the delegates they would choose and trust. Without giving them a chance to be heard, the four-party talks will inevitably hit snags, especially in view of obvious reluctance displayed by Kiev to comply with the provisions of the agreement reached in Geneva on April 17…

March 19, 2014
West and Neo-Nazism in Ukraine (I)

About a hundred years have passed as Anglo-Saxon elite made another attempt to use Nazism for launching a ram attack against Russia. This time the role of Germany in the 1930s is to be played by Ukraine of our time, or to be more precise, the segment of Ukraine’s society which has failed to draw lessons from WWII. The five months of Ukraine’s «nationalist revolution» offer ample food for thought allowing to get to the bottom of what is behind the staged coup, what goals it pursues and who acts as its driving force…