September 23, 2022
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Our materials in Telegram (17.09 – 23.09)

Mapping the War in Ukraine: Russia Is Expanding

From Suicide to Dead and Buried… Germany Now Provokes China

Biden Condemns Nuclear War in Lie-Filled UN Address… But He Is Making Such a War Happen

A Failed Globalist Experiment

Germany’s Move to Become a Military Power Will Be Suicide Pill Both for Berlin and EU

And It Finally Hit Fan…

Empire of Lies Christens the New World Order. Part II: American Exceptionalism Means Global Domination

The European Central Bank’s Zimbabwean Model

Goodbye Westification: The World Moves On

West Needs a Safety Catch on Grand Policy Decisions, Not Come Back Kids

The SCO Summit and the Need for a New Global Security Architecture

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Our materials in Telegram (17.09 – 23.09)