November 11, 2022
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Our materials in Telegram (05.11 – 11.11)

Does Life or Death Govern the Universe? Part 5: Creative Resistance to the Church of Entropy

De-Conflicting With the West: Will the Valdai Blueprint Work?

Russia Must Be Losing Its Nefarious Power… Kherson ‘Defeat’ and Failure to Influence U.S. Elections!

Sun Tzu Walks Into a Kherson Bar…

Does Life or Death Govern the Universe? Part 4: Bertrand Russell, Nihilist Priest of Entropy and the Roots of Transhumanism

Arab League Priorities Clash With the Israeli Election Outcome

Grain Wars: Black Sea Attack Exposes Zelensky’s Media Stunts for What They Are

Does Life or Death Govern the Universe? Part 3 – The Newtonian Roots of Today’s Liberal World Disorder

Poppy Day Poppycock

Britain Needs a Thatcheresque Approach to Getting Tough on Macron Over Albanian ‘Invasion’

Life or Death: Which Law Governs the Universe Part 2: Locke and Newton vs Leibniz

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