November 18, 2022
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Our materials in Telegram (12.11 – 18.11)

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Our materials in Telegram (12.11 – 18.11)

NATO’s Frankenstein Monster… Kiev Regime Exposed in Criminal False-Flag Attack on Poland

Istanbul Terror Attack May Prompt Turkish Invasion and Deportations

Qatar 2022’s Quest for Heroes

To Cover, or Not to Cover, That Is the Question Women Are Not Allowed to Answer

Umpteen Shades of NATO False Flags

Irish Media Wage War on ‘Putin’s Stooges’

Biden and Burns in Double Act to Split Putin and Xi

Is Turkey Changing Course in Idlib?

‘Culture Block’ Is Leading to Ukraine Escalation (and risking WWIII)

Drowning in Western Hypocrisy: The Nord Stream Saga

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Our materials in Telegram (12.11 – 18.11)