November 25, 2022
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Our materials in Telegram (19.11 – 25.11)

U.S. Defenseless to Stop Turkish Ground Invasion in Syria

European Parliament Smears Russia While Bankrolling Nazi Terrorism

Why Is the Lockerbie Lie of Libya’s Involvement Still Being Kept Alive Today?

Death-Ridden West Ramps Pressure on China to Abandon Zero-Covid Policy

Electric War

The Age of Dangerous Charlatans

Fact Check Ukraine

A Very Different Global State of Affairs Takes Hold

Liberals United of the Collective West Marching Onward in Their Gleichschaltung Saga

Commission Chief Faces Corruption Probe Over Pfizer Contracts

U.S. Versus China Covid Deaths – A Symptom of Diseased Capitalism

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Our materials in Telegram (19.11 – 25.11)